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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. - Can I create a game on FootballBuster?

    Yes, just make sure to register and complete the extra fields, as an organiser, then visit the dashboard to setup your game.

  • Q. - My game is created but its not started?

    Be sure to enter the prize % and entry fee settings on the advanced settings page, under the "Manage Games" link.

  • Q. - How do I start my game

    Once you have added the prize % payout, you'll need to join the game yourself. By choosing two teams and depositing your 10 subscription. This triggers your game to start, and it makes it visible to the public in the game directory.

  • Q. - When do goals get added

    Goals are added to players score at 10.30 pm GMT, and league positions are updated accordingly.

  • Q. - New players in my game show team goals, but have a zero score?

    New players receive goals backdated to the "Game Start" date when they join. The player scores are updated twice a day at 10.30pm and 11am GMT. these player scores will be updated accordingly.

  • Q. - Does the 10.00 subscription come out of each of the player's accounts bi-monthly so there is no need to pay again for each new game?

    Yes, your players debit card is billed 10 initially, and a 60 days subscription is setup automatically, so each time you restart a game, the players balance is deducted by the game entry fee.

  • Q. - What happens when the English season ends?

    The system has many countries leagues to choose from, you can simply choose the summer leagues that are available to keep your fundraising going.

  • Q. - When a new game is ready to start how do the players get notified to pick new numbers/teams.

    The FB system does this for you. Your players original numbers, are used to randomly generate new teams from your chosen league. Giving all your players fresh teams.

  • Q. - Can I create a game using the App

    No, games have to be created by an organiser on the website. Your players can then join live games at any time using the App or the website.

  • Q. - Can I cancel my subscription.

    Yes, you can cancel your game membership at any time via the App.

  • Q. - My game start date is 30-12-2014, when will goals be added.

    Goals are tallied from the live football fixtures 24 hours later. IE if your game is started on a Saturday, Sunday results will be the first ones to be calculated.

  • Q. - When can I withdraw the funds raised in the Club Fund pot.

    After your first game has completed, and the winnings have been paid to the winner (s) the link to withdraw Club Funds is enabled. You can withdraw to the debit card you used to join in and start the game.

  • Q. - Are winners prizes paid automatically.

    Yes the system pays your winners for you. The winners account balances are credited. The prize is given to the winner or shared to multiple winners.

  • Q. - How can I promote my new game.

    In the organiser dashboard, there are promotial images, you can cut and paste the code for these on your club website to create a direct link. You can use twitter to invite players and supporters. Send emails, put up a poster in the club, or give out your Game ID no. so supporters can download the app, and join.

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