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Rangers FC FanApp Supporters - Game ID No. 435

Game Standings

  • Game started on 12-01-2015
  • Game Ended on -in play
  • Prize - 40% of pot
  • Entry - £5
  • Game updated - Daily 10:35PM

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Rangers FC Supporters Buster Game - runs each month. Land on exactly 21 goals to win the Prize Pot.

This game is for the supporters of Rangers FC and users of the Rangers FanApp - Set-up by supporters for the supporters, the funds raised from this game will be paid directly to The Rangers FC Supporters Trust. 40% of the funds will be paid out to the winners of each game, running monthly. 60% of the funds will be paid directly to aid the trusts cause.

The future of Rangers must be in the hands of the people who care about the club. The long terms aim of the Rangers Supporters Trust is to deliver ownership of the club to its loyal supporters. 

Register to join this game below, and support Rangers FC, and give yourself the chance to win a large cash prize. 40% of joining fees create the prize. The more that join, the bigger the prize, and the bigger the cheque to the supporters trust.


Join for £5 - (your initial deposit starts a £10 bi-monthly subscription cycle) You can cancel your subscription at anytime.)

Registering takes 5 minutes, you'll need a valid email, a debit/credit card.

Full rules here - https://footballbuster.com/buster/rules.php


Please select 2 team numbers below. The numbers you choose will give you 2 teams from the football league at random. You'll be notified of these teams by email, once you make payment. If you are joining while the game is in progress you'll be awarded backdated goals from the date the game was started. This will give you an initial league position at midnight on the day of joining.
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To join this game we will deduct the amount from your balance, however if you don't have sufficient balance to play. You will be redirected to make a payment at our secure payment pages.
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