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Baddow Spartak Football Buster - Game ID No. 487

Game Standings

  • Game started on 17-04-2015
  • Game Ended on -in play
  • Prize - 50% of pot
  • Entry - £5
  • Game updated - Daily 10:35PM

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Welcome to the Baddow Spartak Football Buster.

This has been set up with the aim to raise much-needed funds for the club. The rules are simple, once you have paid £5 to enter just pick two numbers. These numbers will give you two teams to play the game with. Whenever these teams play you will get a point for each goal they score. The first person to reach 21 points is the winner. The winner will keep half of the prize money with the other half going to the club.

Sounds like fun, right?

Please select 2 team numbers below. The numbers you choose will give you 2 teams from the football league at random. You'll be notified of these teams by email, once you make payment. If you are joining while the game is in progress you'll be awarded backdated goals from the date the game was started. This will give you an initial league position at midnight on the day of joining.
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To join this game we will deduct the amount from your balance, however if you don't have sufficient balance to play. You will be redirected to make a payment at our secure payment pages.
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