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The history of Football Buster

A brief history of the game.

Its thought the game football buster was invented in Sheffield in the 1950's. It was a fundraising and fun game organised by the committees of social clubs. Patrons of the clubs were invited to join in, paying 10 for the entire season, which was a fair sum back in the 50s.

There was a small prize of around 25, if someones teams landed exactly on 21 goals. Plus 2 or 3 other small prizes each year.

It would be the duty of the game organiser to tally all the goals scored by the football league teams during the week, and update the players individual scores. Collating them into a league.

Players would move up and down the league table based on the goals their teams scored.

As more players joined the prize would grow, making the game more and more popular.

This game transferred well to small football clubs, and indeed amatuer level clubs used the game to raise funds in a fun way from parents, and supporters. It was always left to a dedicated individual within the club as it came with much responsibility, collating the goals, and making the league table each week, not to mention the headache of chasing people for their game entry fees.

FootballBuster.com piloted an online system back in 2008, and allowed clubs to setup a game freely online. It proved very popular, but the organisers still had to account for the money and debt collect regulalry.

During the 2011-12 season Footballbuster.com decided to create two revolutionary features. The first was a mobile app so the organisers could simply promote their game at the pitchside. Giving out their game ID has made life a lot easier to promote the game. The second was due to feedback from organisers of buster games, who were constantly debt collecting, they asked us to allow a subscription entry fee, which was billed on a cycle (equating to approx 1 p/week). We added this, but needed to charge a small fee per player to cover those finance processing costs.

The game now enables organisers to setup online via the website, and promote the game number to their supporters to join-in. Pay via a subscription and enjoy the fun of a paper based buster game invented over 60 years ago.

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