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How to play online or via mobile!

How to Play

Register via mobile phone or website - verify your email.
Choose two numbers & setup the 10 subscription cycle (equates to 1 per week)
Registration is simple & takes less than 5 minutes
Join your clubs game online or join via your mobile phone with your clubs "Game ID number"

How the game un-folds. The first player to land on 21 goals exactly wins the WINNERS pot, if there are many players who land on 21 at the same time, the WINNERS pot is shared accordingly. If your goal tally lands on a number higher than 21, after the league is updated by our system each night. You will automatically BUST. The amount of goals you were over 21, will be your new starting number at the bottom of the league.

Players can join a football game at both the beginning and while the game is in progress. To join a game you must pay & register your details.

Once you have selected your two numbers and paid, you will see the game through to its conclusion. The overall game pot prize will be divided as setout by your organiser - and is clearly displayed. The Football Buster System is updated at night after games are played by the teams in the Football League of the country/countries chosen by the game organiser. Only league goals count. CUP goals do not count. Games take between 3-5 weeks to unfold. Players can join games while they are "In Progress" - this is possible because, if a player joins during the game, by choosing two numbers, the teams they are awarded goals are calculated since the game started (backdated) to give them a score and league position, this can be at the top, bottom, middle or they may even bust. This allows clubs to continually invite new players, and they dont have to be in the game from the start.

To play choose two numbers while joining. Teams are awarded at random. Players can join multiple times if they wish.

The organiser is responsible for all content on the games page, and content not suitable for public viewing will be immediately removed. The orgainser and players agree to the full terms and conditions of use of Football Buster and VCL at the time of registration. The organiser, shall be verified for the correct identity prior to game funds being paid out, via their debit card. FootballBuster is fully licenced and compliant with the UK Gambling Commission.

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