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How to Organise and Create your Buster. Take the pain out of fundraising forever. No hassle. Just fun and results.
FootballBuster is a game to help you raise funds for your good cause, club or charity.
Once your game is created and you promote it on your website, you'll start to see people register and join in.

They join by subscribing, and choosing 2 real life teams from the football league. When these teams play, the goals they score, are tallied for you each night. Giving your players a league position in your buster game.
When a game is won, you have the ability to restart it, and withdraw your Clubs funds raised (usually 50%). The winnings are paid directly to the winners accounts for you (usually 50%). No debt collecting.

Players can join your buster game anytime even while your game is in progress. Allowing you to grow it continually. Games typically last 3-5 weeks.

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Football Bingo - Pick 15 teams to score & complete your bingo ticket and win.